The Traveling Girl

Her little self and little suitcase are just too small for this BIG world. Please don't ever learn from her. She just doesn't ever seem to get it right.

BLAH!! This is how I feel. Don't ask me for more

Whyyy is my world so small?

I don't have a voice, so you'll never know I can't.

Forget it. I can't.

Be proud of who you are

Help is never too big.
This piece is dedicated to @TheBeOkCampaign. Share your piece! It's okay to #BeOk!

Sometimes you need someone to help pick up life's poop. And hey, that's okay man!!

It's okay if you're not where you want to be! Let a confident "AHOY" lead you in the right direction. But if you can't muster one up, it's okay to hang out on a could for awhile. That's fun too! Take your time!

...more to come!